Mackenzie Forrest 

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  • I am studying Honors & AP classes at Lakewood High School in Lakewood Colorado.
  • My focus in the sciences with a desire to continue with one of the following science, engineering, math and or technology.
  • I have an interest in computer sciences.


  • When I am not at school or practicing basketball, I am home spending time with my family. I have one brother Gavin who is in 8th grade. We spend time on our basketball court at home outside, as he plays competitive basketball as well as lacrosse.
  • I attend Christ on the Mountain church with my family and volunteer there on several Sundays in the month, mainly at the orphanage or the soup kitchen.
  • We have a cat named Rosy and a golden retriever named Jake.
  • I enjoy taking trips with my family in the spring and summer. We go camping in our camper and use our ATV's while on spring break. Last summer we went to Yellowstone Park, which was amazing. It was also great to have a week and a half off basketball, to "mend" those aches and pains from basketball. I was ready though to get into the high school season, as I am a starter on the varsity team.